Sunday 21 June 2020

Young Max

Looking through one of my coaching books I came across a game between Vassily Smyslov and Max Fuller. It was played at the 1968/69 Hastings International, and unfortunately for Max, he was outplayed. Looking through his other games I also saw a second game against Smyslov (in 1980), one game against Petrosian at an Olympiad, and a game against Tal (although this was in a telex simul).
In a time when overseas travel was much harder for Australian players, this was quite an achievement. Even today, playing multiple World Champions in the course of your chess career would be quite a challenge for an Australian. with the obvious exception of Ian Rogers who has played at least 6 of them.

Smyslov,Vassily - Fuller,Maxwell L [E61]
Hastings 6869 Hastings (5), 1968

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