Friday 26 June 2020

Show me your hands

English Arbiter David Sedgwick has a good approach to playing online chess 'in camera'*  He makes sure not just his computer screen is in shot, but also his hands are visible at all times. While it is his move, he keeps his hands away from the keyboard and mouse, and only touches them when he has decided on his move. He considers this action as a kind of touch move, meaning he now has to play the move he intended to play. He uses this method to avoid any suggestion that he is using other devices or programs during the game.
Using cameras to monitor games is at the moment of mixed utility. One idea that I had recently is to simply have both players being able to see each others faces during the game, like in real chess. This of course doesn't show you what your opponent is doing out of shot, but having to look your opponent in the eye while cheating may be a discouragement.

* For legal eagles, I do know that 'in camera' has a different meaning

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