Thursday 18 June 2020

Just because you're winning a queen ...

One of the big mistakes that we often make is ending our calculations too soon. A common example of this is winning material and then not looking at what happens next move. In the following wild game, both sides fell in to this trap at various points, leading to a Queen for a Rook, Bishop and Pawn middlegame. Watching it live I thought that the winning chances were with White, but it turns out that Black was better for most of the game. In the end a repetition of position occurred, with half a point for both players.
This game was played during the first round of the new ACTCA Online Standard event. The 6 week event is played with a time limit of 45m+15s with one round each Thursday night on I normally cover one of the games from each round at and I will be analysing this game tomorrow at 10am.

Graham77 (1626) - mcyang (1407) [C30]
Live Chess, 18.06.2020

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