Thursday 25 June 2020


The 4NCL Online Teams Event has almost complete it's first season. In the top section Guildford will play White Rose in the final, which might have been an OTB pairing, if the tournament hadn't been forced to go online.
While White Rose goes into the final with some match practice under its belt, Guildford ended up qualifying with a walkover. There opponents withdrew prior to the final, after a couple of their players were pinged for computer use by the Lichess server. Following the lead of a couple of other 4NCL teams, the Anglian Avengers decided not to play, rather than use replacement players.
In the semi-final that was played, GM Gawain Jones had a nice attacking win against the French. This was probably helped by his opponent playing an early h6, which I fell doesn't achieve much, although I have seen a recent book suggesting it is a playable black system.

Jones,Gawain C B (2670) - Harvey,Marcus R (2440) [C03]
4NCL Online Div 1 Playoff LiChess Online (12.11), 23.06.2020

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