Tuesday 16 June 2020

Clutch play

Due to the low number of draws in blitz chess, a "skins" type format probably doesn't work. Instead, the "clutch" scoring system seems to be in vogue in it's place. This is where certain games are worth double and triple points. For example, in a 12 game match, games 5 & 6 are worth 2 points each (and 1 for a draw), while games 11 & 12 are worth 3 points for a win.
In the just completed Clutch Chess International the format proved very successful, with the Carlsen Caruana final coming down to the last game. With Caruana winning game 11, Carlsen need to win the final game, which he did. This left the final score 9.5-8.5, with only 3 draws across the entire match.

Magnus Carlsen (2881) - Fabiano Caruana (2773) [A22]
Casual Rapid game https://lichess.org/lrvyne5Z, 14.06.2020

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