Sunday 14 June 2020

Some reopenings

For those who are interested in what chess is starting in Canberra here are some face to face activities that are now happening

  • School chess coaching (but only for students from a single school as far as I know)
  • Personal chess coaching (one on one coaching)
  • Small chess events (currently less than 20 players and spread out to provide 8msq per game)
The next phase will allow events with more than 20 players, as long as there is at least 4msq per player. In the case of events I organise, players have enough room to move back from the board after moving, to allow 1.5m of distance.
There is also talk of organising small weekend events (ie 50 players or less), but this will depend on what regulations chess will be covered by (ie is it a non-contact sport, or considered something else entirely).

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