Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Keep calm and carry on playing chess

This story has popped up in a couple of places, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Basically, shouts of "You won't get out of here!" were heard coming from a house. Someone was sufficiently alarmed to call the police, and a search was initiated. Having found the right address the police then confronted the surprised householder, who explained he was yelling at his computer, during an online game of chess. A promise of quieter behaviour sent them on their way.
What surprises me about this story is it doesn't happen more often. Not with chess players so much, but with teenage boys playing Call of Duty etc. Certainly in my house there is a substantial amount of yelling into microphones during online play, although this is more likely to occur when I am not home. And given the subject matter of the game, I would think such shouts are more likely to attract police attention than those you would find over a game of chess.

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