Monday, 9 July 2012

Karjakin wins Rapidplay, Grischuk leads Blitz

Sergey Karjakin picked up the first big title of the World Rapidplay and Blitz Championship, with a convincing win in the Rapidplay Championshop. On the final day of the fifteen round event, he scored 4.5/5 to finish a point ahead of Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen had been looking good but losses to Ivanchuk and Grischuk in rounds 12 and 13 derailed his event.
In the Blitz tournament Grishchuk is once again proving a bogeyman for Carlsen. He defeated Carlsen in their individual game, and leads after the first 15 games. The second half of the tournament finishes tomorrow, with the 16 player field meeting today's opponents, with colours reversed..
Live coverage of this event is at the tournament website.

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