Sunday, 15 July 2012

If not TV, at least Youtube

Alana Chibnall has reminded me of the XChess Championship, which is an ambitious project to bring chess to TV (or youtube for now). I've had a quick look at the first episode, and it looks like they have brought some fantastic production values to the project. I suspect they are using the 'a new shot every 3 seconds' approach to editing, which was once pointed out to me as the cornerstone of all sports coverage.
The XChess Challenge was an 8 player knockout event, involving some young American players, with games played at a speed of G/20m. As with any good sports show, they also have player introductions/bio's as well as a little bit of the 'trash talk' that Xtreme sports seem to have.
You can watch the 4 episodes of the first series on youtube. This link takes you to all the videos, as well as a couple of extras that they have put up.

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