Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dortmund 2012

The traditional Dortmund event is up and running in the host city, with a pretty strong field in attendance. Kramnik is the top seed in a tournament he has won 10 times, while Caruana, Karkajin and Ponomariov are some of the players who are trying to stop him winning an 11th title.
This years event has moved away from the 6 player double RR format to a 10 player event, in part to accommodate the members of the German team which won last years European teams championship. Apparently this was done with the assistance of the German Chess Federation, which is a little surprising, as relations between the federation and its representative teams are normally strained (the 'up-yours' to the federation after winning last years European teams being a case in point).
Live coverage is available from the tournament website. Assuming I have my times zones right, then the games should being at midnight Canberra time.

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