Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Champion for a second time

Way back in the day (in this case the 1990's), one of my ambitions was to win the  Belconnen Club Championship. I'd joined the club in 1983, but try as I might, the Club Championship eluded me. Just to be cruel, it only *just* eluded me, as I finished either second, or in the second score group (when there was a tie for first), for about 7 years in a row. Finally in 1996 I cracked it for a win. Soon after that I stopped playing at Belconnen, and so I didn't play many more Championships.
This year I returned to regular play at Belconnen, having played there on occasion over the last couple of years. I did play last years Club Championship, and not surprisingly, I finished runner up. However this year I went one better and managed to take the title for the second time, after 16 years.
I've already shown a couple of games from this years event, so I'd thought I'd dig into the archives for games from 1996. As it turns out I can't seem to find games from that tournament, but I did find an interesting one from the Belconnen Open that year. It was against Ian Rout, and I had cooked up a line in the Gruenfeld which allowed me to indulge my penchant for sacrificing pieces. However I got a little carried away at the end, and having found one final sac to force a draw, I failed to spot a far stronger move which would have won the game.

Rout,Ian Clive - Press,Shaun [D86]
Belconnen op Belconnen, 1996

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