Sunday, 1 July 2012

FIDE Rapid/Blitz Ratings

FIDE have released the first of their Rapidplay and Blitz Ratings, on the July Ratings List. The Rapidplay and Blitz ratings were introduced at the start of the year, but this is the first time they have been published. From Australia there have only been a few events (Doeberl, Oceania etc), although I would have liked to include more on the list.
The mechanism seems to be that FIDE rated players went onto the blitz and rapidplay list with their FIDE ratings at the time of their first event, and then the ratings were adjusted from there. Of course FIDE unrated players could get ratings just for Blitz or Rapidplay, if they played enough games. An example of this is Kishore Sreetharan, who does not have a normal FIDE rating, but is rated 2115 2105 at Blitz, based on his performance at the Doeberl Cup Lightning.
The best way to check you rating is to simply go to and choose the rating link. If you search for a players name it now shows normal, rapid, and blitz ratings side by side.

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