Friday, 6 June 2014

Meeting progress

Having travelled all the way to Greece, it is fair to give in an update on the meetings I have been sitting in.
The Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission has discussed a number of matters, but for some reason has been hung up on tie-break definitions. This is a rather abstruse topic, especially when mathematics becomes involved, and took quite a while to sort out. Having dealt with that (although not completely), we had a much more discussion about Disabled Chess. The outcome of this is that tournament organisers need to be more proactive in encouraging the participation of disabled players in events.
Anti-cheating got a run, and we had a good discussion of the proposed Anti-Cheating Regulations. Not everything in the paper found favour with the RTRC members (including myself), and there will be suggested changes. A further refinement to the proposed Competition Rules (formerly Tournament Regulations) is currently underway, but I suspect that time may be against us.
Most importantly, if you have managed to read this far, you should realise that such meetings are not beer and skittles, and in fact do the work that no one else would be willing to do!

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