Monday 16 June 2014

2014 Asian Champions League

Clearly the UAE is the place for chess at the moment, with the worlds top players in Dubai for the World Rapid and Blitz Championship. But after that is finished the Al-Ain is hosting the 2014 Asian Championships League. It is an event for the top chess clubs in Asia, although this requirement has been relaxed for countries like Australia, who do not have a national club league.
As a result Australia is sending a composite team, nominally representing Western Sydney, The team is a reasonably strong one (IM Illingworth, IM Lane, Zelesco, IM Sandler, FM L. Jones), but is still seeded 7th out of the 8th teams. And while the top two teams are all GM affairs, the teams ranked 4th-8th are actually pretty closely bunched.
The tournament starts on the 20th June. There is further information on the tournament web page, including the fact that the Chief Arbiter for the tournament is FA Brian Jones.

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Anonymous said...

They seem to be under the mistaken belief that Brian Jones is an IA.
He is only an FA.
I wonder if he will advise them of their error.