Thursday, 12 June 2014

The World Cup - no not the chess one

The FIFA World Cup starts early tomorrow morning Australian time, and I assume that there will be no other sports coverage for the next month. As the father of a football mad teenager I guess I will have no choice but to get into it, especially as he will probably be waking the house at 2am most mornings to catch the early game.
While the scheduling of the World Cup once again provides the Australian sports fan with the usual time zone challenges, we at least get the last game of each day at a reasonable time. On almost all days there are 3 games, at 2am, 5am and 8am Eastern Australian Time. An early wake up will get some of the middle game, while the late game can be watched at home/work. And if you are in Canberra on Saturdays, once the final game is finished, come on down to Street Chess (from 11am), to catch the replays at King O'Malleys's while playing a bit of rapidplay!

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