Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm sure this is a real thing in Russia

Click on the link below for the weirdest start to a chess game I have seen in a long while (NB I did not personally witness the infamous Telfer v Grcic game in the early 90's which *began* with the pieces being swept off the board).
It comes what I assume is a real children's program in Russia. Two kids are about to start a game when they realise a black rook is missing. Rather than find a replacement, or substitute a pencil sharpener,  one of the kids (who looks about 10 years old) builds a lathe out of stuff lying around the house, and then makes a rook out of the left over wood! He even paints and dries it, reading for use in the game against his by now bored opponent.
You can see the whole thing here. Thanks to Andrew Wilkinson for finding this for me, and if any Russian speakers are reading this blog, further information about this clip would be appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that you manage to follow the film without the language. All is as you describe! The girl offers the pencil sharpener and asks "what are you going to use to make the missing rook, this?". "Hmm" responds the boy, "not quite this, but something that works on the same principle ...". I am not sure somebody young is skilled enough to follow the instructions, I would think a 3d printer will be easier nowadays.