Friday, 6 June 2014

More King Walking

While Blitz games are a mixed bag at best they are (like boxing) at least fun to watch. The Norway tournament had a blitz event at the start, and this resulted in at least one talked about game (Carlsen v Caruana 1-0). However I did spot a couple of other interesting games including the following one. Agdestein went the pawn hack against Svidler but ended up in a position that reminds me of a Nimzowitsch game (I forget which one). Then Agdestein looked for salvation with the exchange of queens but instead had his king dragged up to board, and into mate!

Agdestein,Simen (2628) - Svidler,Peter (2753) [A40]
No Logo Norway Chess 2014 Blitz (6.3), 02.06.2014

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