Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hilarious Novelty

I've come to the conclusion you can play f5 early against any opening, and hilarity will ensure. In most cases it is also a novelty, or near novelty, and while it is often totally unsound, at fast time control games (G15m or less) it will give you a lead on the clock. There are of course some sound uses (Schliemann, Dutch and possibly the Latvian) and some complete shockers (The Tumbleweed). Today I played a line that feel someway in between, helped no doubt by my opponents way of meeting it. I don't have the complete game, and as he took the wrong piece on move 16, it is probably not worth showing. But even if he retreated his queen to b1, I had a clear advantage in the position.

Not Me - Press, Shaun
Pub Chess, 2014

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