Friday, 28 June 2013

2013 FIDE Congress

Later this year is the 2013 FIDE Congress. Originally Turkey was to be the venue, but it has now moved to Estonia. As it is an odd numbered year there was supposed to be no General Assembly, but due to recent constitutional changes one has become necessary.  However, as GA's go, this may be the shortest on record. The reason for having one is to appoint an Electoral Commission to oversee the FIDE elections in 2014. While I have idea how controversial this might be, I believe the whole GA is scheduled to last around an hour.
As it happens I plan to to be in the UK at that time, albeit on a family holiday (making it easier to justify the expense of going). Originally I planned to spend a few days at the Congress attending a couple of committee meetings (Swiss Pairings, plus Rules and Tournament Regulations), but it seems I am now hanging around a little longer. This has thrown my holiday schedule into a spin, but as a consolation I will get to a bit of Paul Keres related sightseeing.

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