Sunday, 9 June 2013

2013 NSW Open - Day 2

Day 2 of the 2013 NSW Open saw players get into the swing of things, although 3 rounds in a day was a bit of a stretch for some. IM Max Illingworth leads the tournament with a perfect 5/5, having out manoeuvred  Spanish FM Luis Javier Sanchez in the final game of the evening round to finish. A full point behind are 8 players, including IM Gary Lane, IM Andrew Brown, FM Igor Bjelobrk and GM Zong Yuan Zhao. While most of the top players chose to slog it out for 3 rounds today, Zhao took a half point bye in round 5 and might be better rested for the final 2 games.
Another player who scored 3 wins on the second day was Nick Kordahi, who scored an upset win over WFM Sengeravden Otgonjarval in round 5.
Tomorrow sees the field whittled down to 59 players, although there was no need to cut players at the bottom as enough entrants decided that 2 days of chess was enough and took advantage of the tournaments novel withdrawal policy.
The Under 1600 tournament was completed today, with Kerry Lin the run away winner. He started the event with 6 straight wins before a final round draw with Alexandre Mehre. The draw allowed Mehre to share second place with Linus Cooper on 5.5/7


Garvin said...

This format could provide some useful information for future events now that it seems that players in the Open division decided two days was enough for them.

How many players who had qualified, decided to say two days is enough? And did this allow some non automatic qualifiers to make it?

Anonymous said...

This Tournament link is better