Wednesday, 12 June 2013

More Closed Sicilian Hacks

The Closed Sicilian seems to be paying off for me recently, as I have scored 3 brutal wins with it in the last few weeks. Part of the reason why it has been working is that my opponents seem to be choosing systems involving an early Nf6, which make the g4-g5 push all the more dangerous. At the same time the temptation to target my queenside pawns often leaves their pieces on the wrong side to defend.
My most recent win was might be termed a 'flawed' brilliancy. Certainly it looks good, as I sacrificed a knight, then a few pawns (although I got the piece back), then the exchange and finally my queen. However I missed one crushing move (26.Rxf6!) and my opponent missed one good defensive move (28. ... Qb7!). But given part of my rationale behind the attack was to force him the find the correct defensive moves, I'm going to take it as a very pleasing victory.

Press,Shaun - Hosking,Ian [B24]
Belconnen CC, 11.06.2013

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Anonymous said...

Thought you might have spruiked the story in today's Age, re steps against cheating, but you refrained. That shows considerable self-control in the blogosphere!