Saturday, 8 June 2013

2013 NSW Open - Day 1

The 2013 NSW Open began today, with a field of 119 players. No doubt there were a few players missing due to last minute venue issues, but the organisers seem happy with the overall turnout.
Last minute entry GM Zong Yuan Zhao started the tournament as the top seed, while IM Max Illingworth, IM Gary Lane and soon to be IM Igor Bjelobrk filled the next three slots. After the first two rounds all 4 players were on a perfect score, along with 7 other players. Amongst them are Rewais Sarwat and Dan Sakier, who defeated higher rated opponents in the days second round.
The Under 1600 section had a much tougher schedule, with 4 rounds being played. Kerry Lin and Michael Tracey are both on 4/4, and will play in tomorrow mornings round.
Full results from this event, as well as live coverage of the top 2 boards can be found at the tournament website.

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