Tuesday 11 June 2013

Time to go walkies

I caught the end of the following game at this weekends NSW Open. The first thing I noticed was that the kings were both down the same end of the board, which made it necessary to try and work out who was White and in which direction they were moving. Eventually I realised that it was the Black king that had gone for a walk, but having made it to the other side, was now involved in the mating attack on the White king. White soon realised that there was nothing to be done, and quickly resigned.

Gu,Sean - Humphreys,Scott [B07]
2013 NSW Open (5), 09.06.2013

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Scott Humphreys said...

Thanks Shaun for publishing this. I found some improvements later that meant I should not have gone walkies, but hey it was fun really, with Sean actually pushing my King forward! And Sean had improvements that meant a draw should have resulted after my bad (but at the time I thought inspired) Ra7.