Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Miniature of the Month - May 2013

Here is a nice attacking win involving a couple of lower rated players from last months Liechtenstein Open. What appealed to me about this game was White opened with 1.Nc3, which I played for a while in serious games, and still do in Blitz. The game does transpose back into a French Defence after a few moves, but White is still able to pile on the pressure, before finding a clever finish.

Mannhart,Marcel (2094) - Rous,Daniel (2038) [C10]
31st Liechtenstein Open Triesen LIE (9.22), 11.05.2013

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siow, weng nian said...

Dear Shaun,

Perhaps you can switch Fed and Captain the Tanzania team as they seem to have a predilection for the 1. Nc3 opening according to WGM Alina L'ami. Perhaps consult GM Nigel Short on possible "refutations"? Just kidding! :) :) :)