Thursday, 29 December 2011

Through the Maginot Line

My post about sharing analysis from last week obliquely referred to the game below. As the game was still in progress at the time I could not show it, but it has since been completed, I can now post it here.
Again I wheeled out the Sorensen Gambit in the Advanced French, aiming for a direct attack against the king. After move 11 I had ideas of sacrificing the knight on d5 and pushing e6, but 12.Qf3 was a little finesse that I found in a couple of previously played games. After that is was about bringing pieces into the attack with tempo, before another sacrifice (Rxc6) helped finish the game.

Press,Shaun - Manley,Jason [C02], 28.12.2011


Anonymous said...

9 Nxd4

Anonymous said...

nice game Shaun, as a French player, I will definitely have to take a look at this gambit. - PP

Anonymous said...

Fantastic game! My daughter and I played through it. Well done!