Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011-12 Australian Championship begins

The first round of the 2011-2012 Australian Championship has been played, with some of the top seeds already finding it tough going. Second seed IM George Xie drew with Domagoj Dragicevic, as did GM Daryl Johansen with Laurence Matheson. FM Bobby Cheng and FM Michael Steadman were the two players on the top half of the draw to drop full points, to Yi Liu and Jason Tang respectively.
Top seed GM Zong Yuan Zhao had the easiest game of the round, due to communication problems. FM Bill Jordan had missed the deadline for entry, and applied late to play (apparently illness prevented him submitting an entry on time). Although his entry was accepted by the Australian Chess Federation, he was not informed of this, and turned up to the tournament an hour after the start to find he had been paired with Zhao, and had already lost the game.
The tournament arbiters are posting the results and pairings for both the Championship and Reserves at chess-results.com. The links will take you there.


Anonymous said...

Where do most competition chess players live? The East and South East of Melbourne of course. So, logically, where should this tournament the Australian Chess Championship, be played?
Wrong! It's in Geelong. Imagine travelling home to Melbourne after a 6 hour game! One can stay in Geelong for $130 a night....What a choice!
This is perhaps why only a hundred or so players rolled up.
The ACF shoots itself in the foot again. Soon we will all tire of this 'unrepresentative swill'.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Tasmanian chess "experts" with their 3rd rate Ph D's? A mainland Masters Degree is worth two of their Ph D's in my view!
All bark and no bite.LOL!