Friday, 9 December 2011

Australian Young Masters - rolling along

While my son is off in Adelaide playing in the Australian Junior Masters, I'm relaxing back in Canberra, enjoying the cricket highlights. I've never been a fan of having coaches accompany players at junior events (not that I'm claiming to be his coach), and so the decision to stay home was a pretty easy one.
However I've been following the event at Utilising a live blogging widget, there have been a steady stream of updates coming from the tournament. The coverage is made more enjoyable by the involvement if the players themselves in the coverage, although some are more enthusiastic than others.
I've even been sent a couple of games, providing me with a choice of what to show. While today's round 6 game between Harry Press and Allen Setiabudi was more significant in terms of tournament standings (a 12 move win by Allen left a 4 way tie for first), I've decided to be a caring parent by showing a win from round 4. I hope this act is remembered when Father's Day rolls around.

Cameron,Lachlan - Press,Harry [A58]
Australian Junior Masters Adelaide, 08.12.2011

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