Friday, 9 December 2011

Caught out by the spelling

When putting together the latest issue of Australian Correspondence Chess Quarterly I was asked to feature a game from the current Austria v Australia friendly match. Normally it is a simple task of going to the ICCF Webserver and searching for 'Australia', and then selecting the right match from the list of Australian events.
However this did not seem to work for me this time and searching for 'Austria' yielded nothing either. So I finished the magazine and apologised to the readers, blaming it on 'technical difficulties'
It turns out that I didn't think about alternative spellings. As the match was organised by the Austrian side, I needed to think in German (as suggested by Clive Murden). If I had searched for 'Australien' or 'Osterreich' it would have come up in a snap.
So the game will appear in the next issue, but for now here it is. On the 'Australien' side it is played by former Australian CC Champion Norton Jacobi, who took the poisoned pawn and lived to tell the tale.

Maierhofer, Johann - Jacobi, Norton
Austria v Australia, 2011

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