Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mos Ali

Canberra chess player Mos Ali has unexpectedly passed away, at the very young age of 40 years old. Mos, a school teacher by profession, died of a suspected heart attack on Tuesday 6th December 2011. While Mos was a typical 1700-1800 club player, he played an enormous amount of chess, frequently featuring on the ACF's Most Active Players list when new ratings were released.
While Mos and I had our differences (over both personal and chess issues), his passing is a loss for the Canberra chess community, and to his wife and young family.

(*Edit: Apologies for the wrong date in this initial post)


Nick Beare said...

RIP Mos Ali - the master of the f pawn.  I will miss our friendship and your love for chess. Condolences to his young family.

Anonymous said...

I've also had my differences with Mos over the years, but you can't ever question his love for the game. My thoughts are for this family.

Lee Forace.

Anonymous said...

That is a shock. I used to play Mos in chess at the Uni Bar, must be 20 years ago. We would play for beer (though being a non-drinker, when he won he would give his beer to a friend). We also had a number of good battles in club chess over the years.

Along with Milan Grcic, in recent times Mos was the most active player on the Canberra scene. And he, Milan and Ian Rout (among others) proved on numerous occasions through their good results at strong interstate tournaments that Canberra players are underrated.

That is a real shock. My thoughts are with his young family.

Ashley Oakes

Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed, I first heard of it in a school email since he just started teaching at my school.

My sincere condolences to his family. He'll surely be missed.

Wenlin Yin

Jim said...

This is very sad. My condolences to his family and his community.

Paul said...


Elwyn Teki said...

Having only known Mos for the past 2 months I was still very saddened to hear the news. At the UC chess club and street chess he stood out from the crowd to me as someone with a good sense of humor and a strong player, I will miss our games and his company. My sincere condolences to his young family.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Mos. You will be missed by all who knew you. Endless nights of loser-sits- out lightning with you and Tristan Reeves remain one of my fondest memories of my "chess years". Geoff Butler