Thursday, 15 December 2011

A simple line against the Benko

To memorise the refutation of every opening system (assuming they even exist) is somewhat impractical. Given the finite space of the human memory, to do so would probably involve forgetting other significant pieces of information like your PIN or the address of your home.
So all I ask for is to have a couple of simple systems that at least get me to the middlegame without to much pain. Even then their are still gaps, especially against less frequently faced openings. So to repair at least one gap, I've found a CC game that shows a fairly straightforward system against the Benko. It was played in 2001 and ended in a quick (especially for CC) win for White. I'm not saying it refutes the Benko, and the winner attributes part of his victory to the aggressive play of his opponent. But the idea of Nf3,Nbd2 and e4 with play in the centre seems sensible enough.

Mrkvicka, Josef - Mascarenhas, Alberto [A57]
ICCF 50th JT, 2001

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Anonymous said...

9...O-O is better

15 Nd2b3