Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spectator Shenanigans

One of the more fascinating aspects of the online coverage of the Anand - Topalov world championship match is the comments of the spectators, both during the game, and after it is finished. While there is a small group of well informed and erudite commentators (both in the formal and informal sense), there are a larger number of 'trolls' that delight in winding up the crowd.
This is mainly an unsuccessful endeavour as most of the comments lack the subtlety and humour of a good 'troll', but nonetheless it still serves a purpose as a crude measure of public opinion. Even the website that I would regard as most 'pro-Topalov', Chessdom, seems to attract a large number of anti-Topalov (or more correctly anti-Danailov) comments, although this may be because this is the best place to get a reaction. The anti-Anand comments are far fewer, although they certainly are out there.
And while most comments aren't worth repeating (eg 'Topalov visiting the toilet again' jokes) I did appreciate one comment concerning the restrictions placed on the relaying of games on other chess servers. 'The Bulgarians aren't upset with Chessbase for broadcasting the games without permission, they are upset with Chessbase because they broadcast Game 2"

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And now Game 4.