Wednesday, 7 April 2010

2010 Sydney International Open - Starts today

Change of shirt, change of tournament (The arbiters have gone from Doeberl yellow to SIO orange).
Having wrapped up the Doeberl on Monday, the setting up for the SIO started Tuesday afternoon. Lost in the rush to get everything organised was yesterdays blog post. But everything is on track for another successful international event.
The top 6 boards of the Open will be broadcast live, via this link. Game entry is being done by the Speedy Gonzales of data entry, Ron Scott, so the remaining games will be available soon after the round ends. And the scores for the Open and Challengers can be found at
Opening ceremony is at 9:15am and the first round will start at 9:30am. Perfect timing for those who wish to spend the day "working" at their computer screen.

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keep up the good work!