Thursday, 15 April 2010

2010 ANU Chess Club Masters

Andrey Bliznyuk continued his good run of recent form with a win in the 2010 ANU Chess Club Masters. This 10 player round robin was designed to provide a more serious chess tournament for ANU club members and to allow some players to earn FIDE ratings.
Bliznyuk finished a comprehensive winner, on 8/9. He went through the tournament undefeated, conceding 2 draws, in the first and last rounds. In second place 2 points back was Adrian De Noskowski who started the tournament with 4 wins before a run of three losses brought him back to the field. However 2 wins to finish the event left him half a point in front of Miles Patterson and Emma Guo.
While most of Bliznyuk's victories were fairly lengthy affairs, his win over third placed Emma Guo was a more dynamic effort. After gaining an advantage out of opening Bliznyuk sacrificed his queen for a rook, a piece, and a couple of strong pawns. However in trying to gain time on the clock he inadvertently repeated the position 3 times, and was fortunate that his opponent made her move before realising she could have claimed a draw. Having missed her chance, Guo found she faced too many threats and walked into a mate.

Guo,Emma (1958) - Bliznyuk,Andrey (2193)
2010 ANU Masters (8), 15.04.2010

1.d4 c5 2.Nf3 cxd4 3.Nxd4 Nf6 4.g3 e5 5.Nb3 d5 6.Bg2 Nc6 7.0-0 Be7 8.N1d2 Be6 9.c3 a5 10.Nf3 h6 11.Nbd2 0-0 12.h3 Qb6 13.g4 e4 14.Nh2 a4 15.Kh1 Bd6 16.e3 Rfd8 17.b3 Qc7 18.f4 b5 19.Qe1 Na5 20.Rb1 Qxc3 21.Bb2 Qd3 22.Rf2 Bc5 23.b4 d4 24.Bf1 dxe3 (D)
25.Bxd3 exf2 26.Qc1 Rxd3 27.Qxc5 Rxd2 28.Bxf6 Bxa2 29.Rf1 e3 30.Qxe3 Bd5+ 31.Nf3 Nc4 32.Qc3 gxf6 33.Kg2 Rc2 34.Qd3 Rd2 35.Qc3 Rc2 36.Qd3 Rd2 37.Qc3 a3 38.Kg3 Bxf3 39.Qxf3 Rad8 40.Qc6 R8d3+ 41.Kh4 Ne3 42.Qxf6 Ng2+ 0-1

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