Thursday, 22 April 2010

A First Attempt

One of the books I picked up at this years Lifeline Bookfair was "Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems". It is a comprehensive history of Loyd's work as a problemist and contains over 700 of his problems (plus some by his older and younger brother). Interestingly, the book was written by Alain C. White, who was himself a legendary name in chess problem circles, and who was at least as significant as Loyd in the field.
Rather than go for one of the many famous Loyd problems, I've chosen an historical, if not easy problem. It is the first published Loyd problem (1855) and it is a rather direct mate in 3.


Paul said...

Problems are great fun. Check out "The Grandmaster's Mind" by Amatzia Avni. There are some good problems in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun. I went to a Canberra secondhand bookshop on the weekend (where you got Zurich 1953 recently) and saw 3 books by Efstratios Grivas (CHESS COLLEGE Volume 1,2 and 3) for sale. There are all in almost new condition and on sale for $16 each. Just thought you might be interested.

MachoM said...

I thought that THE BOOK about Sam Loyd was "The Puzzle King" by Sid Pickard. Anyway a lot of his chessproblems are very funny.