Thursday, 1 April 2010

The loneliness of the late night arbiter

As I write this post, there are still some unfinished games in the 2nd round of the Doeberl Cup (including the top board). Clearly the addition of a second time control (an extra 30 minutes after move 40) has resulted in a much later night for me than is what is normally a very late night.
This is also an indication of the toughness of the tournament, given that board 1 is still going on after nearly 5 hours, and the fact that boards 2,3 and 4 were all drawn. When the results go up later tonight (or earlier tomorrow morning), there will be a raft of GM's floating around on 1.5/2.
As for the tournament itself their were 34 games to start with (4 of the 72 players elected to take first round byes) although another 3 players failed to appear. Without embarrasing anyone by name, the reasons were (1) lass minute illness (2) forgot to ask for byes (3) thought it started tomorrow.
After a slight delay the live broadcasts of games were up and running from round 1. Annoyingly the coverage for round 2 was a little bit more intermittent, as the ACF laptop used to transmit the moves is clearly on its last legs. Fortunatley new equipment tomorrow should solve this problem.

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