Friday, 21 November 2008

Technical Commision

The other meeting I attended was the Technical Commision, which wasn't as long as RTRC, but was still pretty interesting. The major point of discussion was the Olympiad pairing system, and the use of match points rather than game points. Both Almog Burstein (head of Olympiad pairings) and Christian Krause (Chairman of the FIDE Swiss Pairings Commitee) were pretty scathing in their comments about the use of match points. Burstein said the pairings were OK but were distorted by the use of match points rather than game points, while Krause said the pairings for Round 3 were a "catastrophe". Whether this results in a change for the next Olympiad I don't know, as the comments were not followed by any motions or other actions.
The rest of it was done in a rush, with the discussion of clocks, pairing programs being pretty brief, and after an hour we were all told we could go home.

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