Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Olympiad Rest Day 2

The second rest day seems to have resulted in a lot of teams doing nothing except a little shopping. I went for a walking tour of Dresden, which was especially nice as it snowed lightly for most of the day. I dropped in on the FIDE Congress to witness the vote for the 2012 Olympiad Venue (Instanbul beat Budva by 95-40), but it was mainly the presentation of reports and as Kirsan had turned up, I decided to leave.
Our last round opponents are Rwanda, which is 3 person team, and I'm the player that misses out on playing. A bit of a shame as I would like to have atoned for yesterdays fiasco, as well as attempting to alter my record of never having won a final round Olympiad game (as well as never having lost one either!). Of course one possible reason that we are playing Rwanda was that my belief that Stuart Fancy would salvage something from out match with Surinam turned out to be off the mark as he lost interest in the game and went from better to drawn to lost (over the space of an hour or so). So we only managed half a point from a match we should have won 2.5-1.5.
"They only count if they are played on the board" was Brian Jones response to that claim.

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