Monday, 24 November 2008

Olympiad Day 10

You know you've really mucked it up when at the end of the game, your team mates look at you, mouths open, and just shake there heads. This happened to me today after I made one of the biggest blunders in my career. Having organised swindling chances in a losing position, my opponent made a move that not only lost him a rook, but probably let me mate him as well. But I had to clever, and played the quiet 'cut off escape squares' move. Two moves later I simply blundered a rook when I overlooked a basic pin. This completes by descent from hero (4/5 after week 1), to zero (0.5/5) in week 2. I dread to think what the last round will bring me.
As of the time of this post, PNG are losing 0.5-2.5 to Surinam, but we are better on the last board. Hopefully a win for Stuart Fancy will at least give us a respectable score, after I ruined the match for us.


Alex said...
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Alex said...

I saw the game and yeah, I wondered what the heck happened.

But everyone has their moments, and you are not a GM expected to play the best move all the time.

Hopefully you will find some redemption in round 11. Good hunting Shaun.


Alex said...

I am having trouble deleting for some reason. Could you please delete this post and post #1 as well when you have a chance? Thanks Shaun,