Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Olympiad Rest Day 1

No play today and I suspect everyone is appreciating the rest. Of course not everyone is resting as yesterday, today and tommorrow are taken up with FIDE committee and commission meetings. Rupert Jones, my room mate, had to recvover from last nights Bermuda Party by 9:00 am this morning, in order to be secreatary to the CACDEC meeting this morning (The commission for the assistence of chess in developing countries). I was a little more fortunate in that my Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee meeting isn't till 3pm this afternoon (actually 20 minutes from now).
As for the Bermuda Party it was better this year, both because the venue was nicer, the crowd was larger, and most importantly, no one got punched out. The latter point was appreciated by the organisers, but not so much by the ClosetGrandmaster, who was running around wondering when the 'action' would start. I was well behaved and left at 2:00am but in the press room a couple of journalists are comparing depature times ('I left at 5' etc)

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