Friday, 21 November 2008

Olympiad Day 7

PNG continued their tour of the Carribean, with a match against Barbados. Although they aren't as strong as normal, the still crushed us 4-0. In the end all the games finished with collapses, as firstly Stuart, Craig, Rupert and then myself went from interesting, to lost.
Actually my game went from lost to interesting to almost the biggest save I've ever made. In my time trouble my opponent tried to mate me, but by playing saving moves I miraculosly emerged material ahead. However my opponent still had mating chances and I gave back my booty to head for an inferior ending. As it turns out I probably gave back the material the wrong way and I had practicial chances (although not theoretical chances) if I had found a different move.
Hopefully the reward for our defeat will be an easier pairing tommorow, but given our last couple of rounds I'm not hopeful.

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Alex said...

Hi Shaun

I put your round 7 game on OzChess' new pgn viewer and have gone through it. My honest opinion is that you just played poorly in the opening. c6 and allowing white to post his knight on c5 - at that stage you were really struggling, and once he had his bishop on b1 and got his queen to c2, I though here it comes, this is over.

Although maybe I should say that having spent a good chunk of my childhood in Barbados, I could perhaps be slightly biased :)

Good hunting next round.