Thursday, 20 November 2008

Olympiad Day 6

'Jamaica?'. 'No she was happy to' is an old music hall joke. However, at the chess olympiad, Jamaica is one of a couple of very tough Carribean teams (along with Trinidad and Tobago who beat New Zealand in round 1). Although we were both on 3 match points Jamaica was probably a team we wouldn't normally play (at this stage of the tournament), although I'm sure they were pleased with the pairing.
The good news is that we manages to scrape half a point (therebye losing 3.5-0.5). Stuart Fancy never really got going on Board 1, while my short term tactics were never a match for Shane Matthew's positional advantages in a Sicilian. Rupert Jones was the only player to score something, after finding a perpetual, although he had probably blundered slightly earlier. Craig Skehan was closer to winning an Olympiad game than he ever has been, after his opponent knocked over his king while reaching for a glass of water. Sadly for Craig, this doesn't count as a resignation, and the game continued, with his opponent eventually winning.

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