Tuesday 14 March 2023

Top 10 books

 Canberra IM Junta Ikeda has updated his blogging platform which can now be found here (Entering your email address to access the content isn't mandatory).

One of his most popular posts is the list of the 10 books that helped him become an IM. While I won't repeat the list here, it looks to be a pretty solid list. I have 8 or 9 books on the list, but I'm pretty sure I have not studied them with the same effectiveness as Junta did. The two most interesting choices were John Watson's "Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy", and "Life and Games of Mikhail Tal". The Watson book can be seen as a modern update to "My System", which normally turns up on lists like these, while the Tal book fills the criteria of having one game collection annotated by the player themselves.

If you wish to check out the list, or read a number of other interesting articles, I suggest you head over there sooner, rather than later.

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