Sunday 26 March 2023

2023 Dubbo Open - Day 1

 At the end of the first day of the 2023 Dubbo Open, 3 players share the lead with 3/3. Top seed Dominic Fox has been joined by Ky Walls and Jonathon Harding after they all went through the first day with 3 wins. Close behind are Trevor Bemrose and Tyler Milson who are on 2.5, after drawing their round 3 game.

The tournament once again attracted a good field of 37 players, with a solid bunch of players at the top. Unlike previous years where there was a surprise IM or GM in the field, this year has the Under 2000's battling it out  for the title.

Last night also saw the traditional time handicap blitz. While a number of younger players benefited  from have 5 minutes against the 1 or 2 minutes for their opponents, Braiden Cox emerged victorious with 5/5. There were the usual tales of injustice and woe (which earned extra prizes), but good fun was had by all.

Current standings for the event are available at

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