Sunday 19 March 2023

Old school

 I was checking out some of the online events tonight, and I came across the HIT Open in Slovenia. The Chief Arbiter is a colleague if mine from the Olympiad (WGM Ana Srebrnic) but it was some of the names of the players that I found most interesting. GM Alexander Beliavsky  is playing, along with other older GM's like Nigel Davies and Stefan Djuric. Of course there are a few younger GM's in the field, but it is good to see some of the legends from earlier times still having a hit.  Oh, and the other interesting feature is the tournament does not seem to offer prizes as such, but instead "Reimbursement of Expenses" for the best scoring players (which of course have the same cash value as prizes!)

Chubakov,Sultan (2190) - Beliavsky,Alexander G (2499) [E01]
Hit Open 2023 Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2.8), 17.03.2023

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