Friday 31 March 2023

2023 Oceania Junior and Youth Update

 Just a quick update on the 2023 Oceania Junior and Youth Championships. Current entries are getting up to 140 players, and there is a hard limit of 200 players for the tournament (due to the venue size). The good news is that while some age groups will have to be merged, this will make the awarding of direct titles easier. Under the relevant FIDE regulations, if an age section has less than 8 players or has less than 3 federations involved, the section will be merged with the next section (almost always moving up). In the merged section, the lower group only requires 6 players and two federations to be present for titles to be awarded for that age group. As it now stands, this means  all of the age groups will be able to award direct titles, although the younger groups (Under 12 and below) may end up as one large section.

I've set the deadline for entry as late as possible (10th April), but there is a limit on entries. So if you wish to enter, or see who else has, then get to the website ASAP

(** I am the Chief Organiser for this event ** )

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