Thursday 9 March 2023

Albert Vasse

 I've just seen the sad news that Albert Vasse has passed away. He was most notable as the founder of DGT systems, the company responsible for developing both the digital board/broadcast technology and digital chess clocks, both off which are heavily used across the world.  Although he retired from running the company a number of years ago he was still an active arbiter and organiser, with the occasional stint as a player. I would often run into him at the various Chess Olympiads (where we would share a beer and conversation), although he would turn up at other events, such as the Gibraltar Open (where he was often the arbiter supervising my games). 

Always an enjoyable companion at major chess events, he will be missed by all in the chess community.

Nwachukwu,Chino (1926) - Vasse,Albert [B34]
Gibraltar Masters 10th Caleta (8), 31.01.2012

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