Tuesday 24 May 2022

The half forgotten dreams of my youth

 Every now and then I dig up one of my more dubious openings from my youth. While the Schliemann in and of itself isn't that bad, there are some pretty dubious lines, especially now with chess engines ruining most gambits. I ventured the Mohring variation, which is known to be poor as long ago as the early 1980's, hoping my opponent might miss the best line. When he played 12 moves of theory I began to (a) regret my decision to choose this line and (b) try and remember what I used to know 35 years ago. Luckily he missed the the correct defensive move (13.d4!) and after that his position collapsed very quickly.

Cunningham,Cam - Press,Shaun [C63]
Belconnen Cup, 24.05.2022

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