Monday 30 May 2022

2022 ACT Championship - Title shared between Sardana and Ikeda

 The 2022 ACT Chess Championship ended in a tie for 1st place, between the top two seeds, IM Rishi Sardana and IM Junta Ikeda. Unusually, the two winners did not actually play each other, instead getting to 6 points by beating other players.

The morning round saw previous leader Cameron McGowan lost to Fred Litchfield, which threw the tournament wide open. Going into the final round, there were 4 players on 5/6, with Sardana against Litchfield and Ikeda against McGowan. Sardana struck first, beating Litchfield after winning a piece in the middlegame, while Ikeda eventually triumphed after tactics went in his favour. Other results saw a 6 way tie for 3rd, involving most of the top seeds.

The final day saw a lot of interesting chess, with Michael Kethro winning a nice king an pawn ending in the final round. However the most outrageous finish of the tournament was probably in the game shown here

Press,Harry - Lo,Willis [C52]
2022 ACT Championship 30.05.2022

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