Thursday 19 May 2022

FIDE Elections

 For a while it looked like Arkady Dvorkovich was going to be re-elected as FIDE President without a challenger. Then the Russian invasion of Ukraine upended that calculation, although it still seemed like a number of potential challengers were still laying low.

First out of the blocks was Enyonam Fumey (Former FIDE Secretary) with Stuart Fancy as his running mate. Then Dvorkovich officially announced he was running, with former World Champion Viswanathan Anand as his Deputy. And just today Andrii Baryshpolets, a US based Ukrainian GM has announced he also plans to run. 

The Fumey camp has released an early set of policies and positions, while Baryshpolets is campaigning on the promise to bring better management to FIDE (especially regarding sponsorship and income). The Dvorkovich team are touting their first term record, although they may make more policy announcements later.

As for coverage of the election, it has been fairly muted so far (at least in my readings). The stand out comment so far was from one incredibly stupid commentator (who shall remain unnamed) that the Fumey campaign "created" to get Dvorkovich re-elected. Definitely wrong on that count, but being wrong has never been a concern to the commentator in question.

** I am also running for the job of FIDE Zone 3.6 (Oceania) President, at the request of outgoing President Paul Spiller **

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