Sunday 29 May 2022

2022 ACT Championship - Rounds 4 and 5

 Cameron McGowan has continued his good start to the 2022 ACT Championship, winning both his games today to lead on 5/5. After beating top seed IM Rishi Sardana in a complicated game, he backed up to beat FM Michael Kethro in round 5. This puts him ahead of Sardana, IM Junta Ikeda, Fred Litchfield and CM Hui Li, who are all on 4 points. Kethro had a particularly tough day, playing 100 moves against Ikeda, the last 50 being a RvB ending (no pawns!), before starting his round 5 game on a short break. 

While McGowan leads the tournament, the destination of the championship title is less clear (as it is restricted to ACT residents). Ikeda has the easier start in the morning round, but is likely to face a difficult final round opponent. Sardana has to overcome the always solid Hui Li, while Litchfield is playing McGowan on the top board.

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